вторник, 5 октября 2010 г.

Intel® SEL Viewer (BMC)

To install the SEL Viewer Utility in Windows* with the standalone installation, do the following:
1. Copy all files and subdirectories from the utility released location into a folder on the hard drive. (for example, c:\selviewer)
2. Open a command prompt and change to that directory (for example, cd c:\selviewer\imbdriver\).
3. Execute (выполните) "install.cmd " specifying the full path of the folder in which files were copied
(for example, "c:\selviewer\imbdriver\install c:\selviewer\imbdriver").
4. This install script will install the imbdrv.sys driver.
5. Run selview.exe

Красная лампа на панели корпуса Intel загорается при серьезной ошибке (м.б. переполнении SEL?). Очистка из selview, выключение и отключение питания (секунд на 30-ть)- лампа в норме!

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